What is it?

A Cloud bases SaaS – software as a service for 'Doctoral or Graduate Research Student' assessments in Universities. This simplifies evaluations such as Practicum, Research Advisor, Graduate Student Assistantship supervisor. The FEGO software allows multiple forms which can be customized as per needs.

Who is it for?

Small to medium-sized research university departments who wish to increase productivity, have frequent check-ins and provide frequent feedback to students to increase their learning opportunities and skills. The automation makes the life easier for everyone with data reuse and historical review.

How to use it?

FEGO University Edition is easy to use and administer. Director of Training, in research departments initiates the setup and process. This is followed by student self-reporting, faculty assessment and final review by Director of Training. These flows can be customized based on needs.


The simplified dashboard for Director of Training and other faculty members provides the snapshot of the progress of evaluations, the current state of evaluation at any given point in time. FEGO also allows to visualize the various assessments, student scores and reports.

Pricing Plans

Free for Non Profits, for Government and Educational Institutions with less than 10 users. Please contact us for a special quote for more than 100 users.

  • Practicum Evaluations

  • $ 2 user/month
  • Ability to create multiple sections
  • Ability to create rating scale
  • Provisions for providing strengths, areas of improvements, and further training
  • Ability to collect feedback from multiple supervisors both internal and external
  • GA Evaluations

  • $ 2 user/month
  • Ability to customize the forms for assistantship recommendation
  • Faculty and course Evaluations by students.
  • Collect data for analysis.
  • Reporting and Dashboard on faculty performance and course effectiveness.

Product Features

Fego offers various Features for Employee performance Management.

360 Feedback

360 Degree feedback is a system or process in which users such as students and faculty can request and receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work with them closely. This aids in the development of competencies and skills.

Faculty Assessments on Objectives and KRA's

Doctoral and graduate Students can be assessed periodically based on the key responsibility areas or objectives set by the department for they specialization. This provides the insight into their performance over the cycle such as a semester.

Competency or Practicum Assessments

Admin or students can request feedback from both internal and external practicum supervisors. This allows to review and understand their performance during practicum thereby providing an opportunity to improve their contributions.

Privacy and Security Features

FEGO is hosted on a secure Google cloud in US. Google cloud is one of the highly rated, most reliable and secure cloud providers in the world. FEGO data is encrypted and stored with stringent security acces controls. FERPA is a standard for student educational data in US and software has full protection of data and only those authorized for access will be able to view the critical information. FEGO prides on privacy and places emphasis on protection of all our customer and users data and all relevant security protocols are adhered to in handling the data.

Fego Snapshots

The following are some of the features in fego.